[alsa-devel] Creative Sound Blaster 5.1vx

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Mon Oct 13 11:45:50 CEST 2008

At Sun, 12 Oct 2008 05:54:35 +0800,
Zhi Xiong wrote:
> Hi,
> I own a creative sound blaster 5.1vx card, its model is sb1070, and its
> based on CA0106 and an ADC I believed to be a WM8772S(74AAWR2) chip, for
> the rest, my weak eyes can't really see it.
> I tested the driver on 2.6.20 and 2.6.26, both of them didn't work, so I
> believed this model is not yet "supported" by the driver, I added the
> lines below into ca0106_chip_details inside ca0106_main.c and the card
> works.
>      { .serial = 0x10041102,
>        .name   = "Sound Blaster 5.1vx [SB1070]",
>        .gpio_type = 1,
>        .i2c_adc = 1,
>        .spi_dac = 1
>       } ,
> But I don't really know what gpio_type, .i2c_adc, .spi_dac . I do
> noticed that setting gpio_type to 1 or 2 will work and not setting it
> will have some performance issue.
> I wish can write the code more accurately to the specs and hopefully
> this few lines of code will get added to the next alsa release for
> others to use.
> So, can anyone please explain to me what the 3 parameters do? Thanks in
> advanced.

gpio_type = 1 means that the board has a shared mic-in/line-in while
gpio_type = 2 means that the board has a shared side-out/line-in.

With i2c_adc=1, the driver adds some capture volume controls, phone,
mic, line-in and aux.  Check whether these controls really work.

Also, spi_dac=1 adds the mute switch for each analog output, front,
rear, etc.  Also check whether this works properly.

If everything is checked, please submit a patch to merge to the
upstream.  See Documentation/SubmittingPatches in linux kernel tree
for details.



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