[alsa-devel] ASoC WM8510 Mic PGA problem

Mark Brown broonie at sirena.org.uk
Mon Oct 6 12:05:22 CEST 2008

On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 10:20:55AM +0300, ext-jukka.hynninen at vaisala.com wrote:

> I'm looking at the amixer settings, commands

> $> amixer sset "Mic PGA" on
> $> arecord -c 1 --rate=48000 --format=S16_LE |aplay &
> $> amixer sget "Mic PGA"
> report that the mixer control state is [off] again. Looking at the
> codec_reg on sysfs verifies that the PGA Mute bit (0x2d:6) is set.

Could you confirm when the state of the control changes - looks like
it's when the recording/playback start?

> > It might help if you were able to provide your machine driver.

> The driver is playpaq_wm8510.c

Ah, right.  I don't suppose I could persuade you to join the efforts
testing Sedji Gaouaou's recent code to unify the AT91 and AVR32 ASoC
platform support?  Geoffrey Wossum did offer to help out with that

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