[alsa-devel] [regression] 2.6.25-rc4 snd-es18xx broken on Alpha

Rene Herman rene.herman at keyaccess.nl
Tue Mar 25 01:29:18 CET 2008

On 25-03-08 00:56, Michael Cree wrote:

> I have applied the patch to the PWS600au.  Sound now works.  I can play 
> 8bit and 16bit sound files through the es1887 and the C-Media CM8738. 
> They are both working fine.

Thanks much for the quick reply. That's good to hear. As indicated, Bob 
seemed to be experiencing something else but this is pretty fundamental so 
I'll not try to comment on his case any further until he's had a chance to 
test this as well.

Takashi -- over to you for Michael's issue? His PWS600AU (MIATA) system 
soils itself badly when using SNDRV_PCM_INFO_MMAP. His XP1000 works fine and 
I haven't the faintest clue if switching on CONFIG_ALPHA_MIATA is the proper 
switch, nor if outright disabling mmap is the correct approach. The patch 
that works for him is attached again for reference.

The way this does the disabling also implies disabling SNDRV_PCM_INFO_IOMEM 
by the way...

> I managed to get a 32bit sound file to play through the M-Audio
> Revolution too. (Though another 32bit sound file just produces silence
> through the M-Audio Rev. Haven't been able to establish why - the file
> looks fine to me.)  Repeated playing of files doesn't cause any problems.
> I can't get sox's play to work (reports no mmap support, which is, of 
> course, quite true).  I don't know how to tell sox to use the equivalent
> of alsa's hw device.  So I can't do the test on short files that Bob was
> performing.

$ sox foo.wav -t alsa hw

should do it. Here's a file Bob passed me as a problematic one. 8-bit, 
11025, mono:


> At this stage I've run out of time to test the M-Audio Rev in the XP1000 
> and see if the MMAP disable patch help there.

Given that it fixes es18xx and cmipci on the PWS600au and that those worked 
without trouble on the XP1000, you'd _expect_ not, but the OOPs you posted 
before seemed to indicate that it stands a fair chance afer all.

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