[alsa-devel] no sound with intel audio

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Fri May 30 15:33:53 CEST 2014

At Fri, 30 May 2014 14:40:40 +0200,
Petr Maivald wrote:
> >> The computer does not produce sound when it's booted into Linux. The
> >> sound works normally when it's booted into Windows.
> >
> > And which application are you testing on which desktop with which
> > audio backend, and how is your audio setup?
> >
> > Most of the information you posted are useless, unfortunately, for
> > analyzing your problem.  Please elaborate the audio stack a bit more
> > (but concisely).  What version of net-tools or CPU revision don't play
> > much role here.
> >
> > At best, run alsa-info.sh (with --no-upload option), compress the
> > output (for not hitting ML filter) and attach it.
> sorry, I must have been following the wrong instructions for reporting.

A quick look at alsa-info.sh output doesn't hit obvious issues except
for "Auto-Mute Mode" is disabled.  But this shouldn't result in the

So again, what did you test and how didn't work?

As a primary test, for example, try the following on a terminal:

  % amixer -c1 set "Auto-Mute Mode" "Enabled"
  % aplay -Dplughw:1 -vv some-your-file.wav

where some-your-file.wav is any WAV file you'd like to hear.

If you're using PulseAudio, try like below instead:

  % pasuspender -- aplay -D plughw:1 -vv some-your-file.wav

Does it play anything?  Try both the headphone plugged and unplugged.

If the above doesn't give any sound output, again give
alsa-info.sh.output captured during your test.


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