[alsa-devel] [RFC] AVB - network-based soundcards in ALSA

Henrik Austad henrik at austad.us
Wed May 28 11:43:18 CEST 2014

On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 11:55:26AM -0500, Pierre-Louis Bossart wrote:
> >This reminds me of the talk Pierre gave in LPC at San Diego a couple
> >of years ago.  Although his topic was more about the audio time
> >accounting, the framework mentioned at that time would fit with this
> >scenario?
> Yes it is related but the overall architecture on a first pass of
> reading seems different: the ideas we presented were more along the
> lines of letting every subsystem provide an accurate accounting of
> time and have some userspace parts see and compensate the difference
> between system, network, audio, video, clocks.

Any documents/talks available for this? I found "Audio/system time
alignment" from Plumbers 2012 (link at the bottom), is that the one?

I see that this also covers AVB, but places everything AVB-related in
userspace and then lets the application tie everything together. What
was the design-rationale for this?

To turn it around; our idea of placing this in the kernel was
- easier to integrate with v4l
- single interface (ALSA) for userspace to play audio
- easy access to NIC internals to ship off frames and whatnot.

what we found to be a pretty neat solution

Did we miss something crucial?

> very interesting topic and RFC, thanks for posting this.

Thanks for providing feedback! :)


Henrik Austad

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