[alsa-devel] [RFC][PATCH 00/13 v1] Enhancement for Dice driver

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at metafoo.de
Mon May 19 10:46:36 CEST 2014

On 05/19/2014 10:36 AM, Takashi Sakamoto wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> (May 19 2014 16:58), Stefan Richter wrote:
>> On May 18 Takashi Sakamoto wrote:
>>> Takashi Sakamoto (13):
>>>    dice: Rename structure and its members
>>>    dice: Move file to its own directory
>>>    dice: Split transaction functionality into a file
>>>    dice: Split stream functionality into a file
>>>    dice: Split PCM functionality into a file
>>>    dice: Split hwdep functionality into a file
>>>    dice: Split proc functionality into a file
>>>    dice: Add new functions for limitation of PCM parameters
>>>    dice: Change the way to start stream
>>>    dice: Add support for duplex streams with synchronization
>>>    dice: Support for non SYT-Match sampling clock source mode
>>>    dice: Add support for PCM capture
>>>    dice: Add support for MIDI capture/playback
>> Patch 02/12 apparently didn't get through to the mailinglist.  It is this
>> one,
>> https://github.com/takaswie/sound/commit/ad9a912161a3b6d2e48d19e185b50d4619ea5a53
>> right?
> Yes.
> This patch includes more lines than these mailing lists (alsa-devel and
> ffado-devel) allow. So it needs approval by administrator.
> Jonathan and Iwai-san, would you please approve this patch to be blasted?

For patches like that one it is useful to use the -M flag when calling git 
format-patch. It will detect renames and hence you do not end up with + and 
- lines for each line in the file.

- Lars

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