[alsa-devel] [PATCH] rawmidi.c Set a name for a newly allocated rawmidi substream

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Thu May 8 22:08:27 CEST 2014

Ralf Beck wrote:
> Am 07.05.2014 19:39, schrieb Clemens Ladisch:
>> Ralf Beck wrote:
>>> Rationale: Bitwig Studio (and possibly other rawmidi clients) enumerate the Midi I/Os by substream names. With the current rawmidi implementation, the name is an empty string and only the USB mididriver changes it to a meaningful value after allocation.
>> Many RawMIDI devices have only one substream, or multiple substreams that are merged into one port. For these, separate substream names do not make sense.
> Any having no substream name at all makes more sense?

The device itself already has a name.

Apparently, Bitwig has not been tested with any driver except snd-usb-audio.

>>> This patch sets a default substream name of the form "somename x-y-z"
>> The ID string is not meant to be a name.
> Would it be acceptable, if i remove the ID string and only return x-y-z ?

No; you should use the device name or something like that.

But the substream name buffer is rather short; a better idea would be to
fix all rawmidi drivers to set the substream name(s) to the appropriate

> Other than the alsa developers i would call creating rawmidi substreams, but not
> assigning a name to them a bug.

For most drivers, substreams do not have a logical identity separate
from the device.


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