[alsa-devel] twl4030 latency update

Leonardo Gabrielli l.gabrielli at univpm.it
Wed Mar 26 16:40:52 CET 2014

thank you for your suggestions.
For the moment I will keep with the following settings, which provide 
satisfying latency and CPU usage:

-r 44100, -p64, with sDMA threshold=320 as per your suggestions, and CPU 
governor set to performance (1GHz).
This way I can have 16ms in-out latency, with 15% CPU, no glitches and 
XRUNs (9% in jack, and 6% is the connection of system:{capture|playback} 

uname -a
Linux debian-BB3 3.13.3-armv7-x10 #1 SMP Sat Feb 15 01:03:40 UTC 2014 
armv7l GNU/Linux

In case I will need a lower latency I will try the USB soundcard 
suggested by Edgar.


On 26/03/2014 13:51, Peter Ujfalusi wrote:
> I know this is working in realtime systems like in DSPs and non linux systems...

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