[alsa-devel] [PARTIAL PATCH 0/3] ASoC: simple-card: multi DAI links extension

Jean-Francois Moine moinejf at free.fr
Thu Mar 20 11:55:25 CET 2014

This patch series extends the simple card driver to handle
many DAI links as this exists in the Cubox audio subsystem.

** this is a partial patch **

Jyri, is this OK as a base for you?

- partial patch
	- remove 'simple-card: Simplify code'
		which is applied (Mark Brown)
	- add a DAI link container in the DT

- v3
	- remove 'Fix the reference count of device nodes'
		which is applied (Mark Brown)
	- new patch 'Simplify code'
	- dynamically allocate and use properties for all DAI links
		(Jyri Sarha and Li Xiubo)
- v2
	- change subject/comment about device node reference count
		(Mark Brown)
	- use a null size array instead of an implicit area for the DAI links
		(Li Xiubo)
	- update the reference count of the device node at end of probe

Jean-Francois Moine (3):
  ASoC: simple-card: dynamically allocate the DAI link and properties
  ASoC: simple-card: Add DT documentation for multi-DAI links
  ASoC: simple-card: Handle many DAI links

 .../devicetree/bindings/sound/simple-card.txt      |  42 +++-
 sound/soc/generic/simple-card.c                    | 220 +++++++++++++--------
 2 files changed, 183 insertions(+), 79 deletions(-)


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