[alsa-devel] Zoom R16

Alan Horstmann gineera at aspect135.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 21:28:41 CET 2014

On Monday 10 March 2014 14:36, Jason Mancine wrote:
> I am still working on trying to get the R16 to work for playback.

> So, the main question is how do I force ALSA to initialize this device at
> 24 bit integer?

Isn't the answer in Takashi's original reply...?

> >  On Dec 6, 2013 11:25 AM, "Takashi Iwai" <tiwai at suse.de> wrote:
> >> Do you mean the 24bit physical size, i.e. each frame is packed in 3
> >> bytes?  If so, you used a wrong format.  SNDRV_PCM_FMTBIT_S24_LE is
> >> for 24bit format packed in 32bit frame.  If you need a 3-bytes frame,
> >> use SNDRV_PCM_FMTBIT_S24_3LE instead.

Many USB devices have this...

>                                 .type = QUIRK_AUDIO_FIXED_ENDPOINT,
>                                 .data = & (const struct audioformat) {
>                                 .formats = SNDRV_PCM_FMTBIT_S24_LE,

                                 .formats = SNDRV_PCM_FMTBIT_S24_3LE,

instead.  That would apply for capture also.  Or is that what you have been 



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