[alsa-devel] integration into ASoC

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at metafoo.de
Mon Mar 10 18:23:10 CET 2014

On 03/10/2014 05:43 PM, Maxime Ripard wrote:
>>>> Right now ASoC expects you to specify a DAI link for a PCM
>>>> device. The DAI link connects the DAIs of two components typically
>>>> the SoC side and a external CODEC. In your case you do not have the
>>>> external CODEC. You can solve this by using a dummy CODEC or
>>>> splitting things up and register both the CODEC and the CPU DAI from
>>>> the same driver.
>>> That would probably be the best solution, yes.
>>>> But I'm currently working on a patchset that will eventually allow
>>>> these kind of devices to be supported more naturally. It will allow
>>>> to register them as one component that won't need the CODEC
>>>> component to work.
>>> Great! Do you have a branch with that work somewhere?
>> Not yet. But I hope to get there in the next weeks.
> Could you put me in Cc whenever you post them for feedback/testing?

Sure. I just had a quick peek at the datasheet and I think you should be 
able to get away with implementing this as a CODEC driver for now and use 
the dummy-dai for the CPU side in you DAI link.

- Lars

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