[alsa-devel] BockW 4th sound doesn't work on latest linus/master

Kuninori Morimoto kuninori.morimoto.gx at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 08:17:06 CET 2014

Hi Simon

> Could you post a patch to revert the offending defconfig change.
> Geert tells me that DEVTMPFS is needed for udev on Debian Jesse
> and is also common in other arm defconfigs. So I think it should be
> enabled.

Yes, it is needed for udev.
I can send patch, but, according to git comment,
the defconfig which doesn't have DEVTMPFS is not only BockW.
Do you want "revert patch" ? or "add DEVTMPFS for all board patch" ?

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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