[alsa-devel] [Bug 1155202] [Intel DZ77SL-50K, Intel PantherPoint HDMI, Digital Out, HDMI] No sound at all

Niraj Kulkarni kulkarniniraj at rediffmail.com
Sat Jan 25 06:56:25 CET 2014

>This is doubtful. Here we see the behavior of the PCI controller, and

>there shouldn't be difference by CPU instructions.

>The difference in the code between azx_reset() and your code are:

>- Use of azx_writeb() and azx_writel()

>- Limited loop time for GCTL_RESET bit check

I tried both things. It did not work. So, I tried adding a delay between while loop and reset writel in my code. A few experiments with it shows that delay between reset state and on state determines codec detection. Only a delay of less than 100 uSec results in successful codec detection.
Here is table of my observations:

usleep        result 
5-10             ok
50-100         ok
75-100         ok
75-150         fail
100-200       fail
250-500       fail
500-1000     fail

Since link_reset_enter and exit have a lot of code in between (atleast greater than 100us) it always results in failure.

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