[alsa-devel] [PATCH] fix alsa-tools/hdspmixer for RME 9632 A

Daniel Turing mail at danielturing.com
Thu Jan 23 12:38:29 CET 2014

Dear alsa-devel, Jaroslav and Adi,

since i never turned up here, let me just quickly congratulate and
thank y'all for your outstanding work on linux audio. My world
wouldn't be as great without you!

I run a HDSP 9632 with the "AI4s-192 AIO" 4x Analog input extension
board. It works great so far, but hdspmixer segfaults because it tries
to show 16 channels with fltk, but doesnt care to initialize the
channel labels for the input extension board.

Since one can only add either the output (AO4S), or the input (AI4S)
extension board, and hdspmixer already prepares channel labels for the
output case, the fix is quite easy, and attached.

I'd be happy if this patch could find its way into mainline alsa-tools.


from the desk of Daniel Turing
see also: http://danielturing.com
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