[alsa-devel] Hello list! My first question!

gianluca gianlucarenzi at eurekelettronica.it
Wed Jan 22 16:30:31 CET 2014

Hello list!
I am working on a custom embedded ARM based-board (iMX28) with a 
SGTL5000 audio codec (correctly seen by kernel 3.12.2) but the lineout 
lines (LINEOUT_L and LINEOUT_R) are inputs for a Texas Instruments' 
Volume Controller named LM48100Q i2c-bus based.

I would like to know if there are any chances to add a ALSA Driver for 
this VOLUME CONTROLLER. I am looking at sounds/i2c/other/pt2258.c driver 
and it looks very similar to lm48100. Actually this lm48100 has 5 
registers but only 3 are useful to me: MODE CONTROL (how many inputs it 
uses (1 or 2) or POWER ON/OFF), and one register for INPUT1 VOLUME 
SETTING and another one for INPUT2 VOLUME SETTING.

Or I will be forced to use this in a userspace driver accessing the i2c, 
but with no integration in any linux-based audio mixer alsa tool.

Can you help me on this?

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