[alsa-devel] [ISSUE] crackles and clicks

Eric F 3rik.gm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 15:59:21 CET 2014

Please never do the following things on public mailing lists:

1. Take the mailing list address out of Cc. ALWAYS(!) use "reply to all"
2. Top-post. Please quote your reposonse properly, as everyone else does
3. Send HTML-Email. Please use plain-text only.

As for your problem, please refer to the the reply I posted to you
earlier mail. I'm really having trouble understanding your problem.
Please follow the three basic rules above when replying :)

I use Gmail, haven't seen a reply to all option...

I'm not used to this, pplease excuse me...



There is no distortion ! only crackles and clicks.

When using it with Jack, no xruns at all.

But for testing purpose, I have disabled Jack, mpd,  I use only aplay.
Dunno if there is a way for buffer stuff with it.

Gonna buy a powered USB Hub.

Thanks !

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