[alsa-devel] [PATCH] Support for Yamaha MOXF

Michael Slade mslade at knobbits.org
Thu Jan 9 06:09:10 CET 2014

My apologies if I'm doing this wrong.

I have managed to get a Yamaha MOXF8 working with the attached patch.  
Presumably also works with a MOXF6.

The new Yamaha MOXF6/8 are successors to the MOX6/8.  Apart from things 
like new voices, a flash expansion port, and a different colour at the 
ends, they are pretty much identical in operation.

The MOXF has a USB ID of 0499:150f.  So I needed to add a new 
quirks-table.h stanza for it, by copy-pasting the MOX one and changing 
he ID.

I haven't tested it to death or anything,  but I am having no trouble 
recording and playing audio and midi.

Let me know if this patch is acceptable or of there is more that is 
needed from me.

Note, this patch is against Ubuntu Raring's 3.8.0 kernel, but it's a 
trivial patch.


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