[alsa-devel] searching volunteer to test Hoontech DSP24 to check if the driver is realy working well

YvanM funyvan at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 5 20:16:09 CET 2014

Hi everybody !

First please apologize if I'm in the wrong place.

Secondly thanks for all the work you are all doing !

I have a Hoontech DSP24
but I had problem to make it working. I don't use it so, if someone with
knowledge wants to check if this soundcard is really recognized, I can send
it to him. After that, feel free to play with it, improve the driver, or
even sell it !

The problem I had :
  - spent 3 months to find on the Internet the following lines to had to
/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base to make the card recognized :
 stall snd-ice1712 /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install snd-ice1712 && {
/sbin/modprobe -Qb snd-ice1712 ; }
options snd-ice1712 model=dsp24
  - impossible to have "normal" stereo : it seems that each logical canal
(right and left) is redirected to both right and left speaker.

I someone wants to have a try with it, do not hesitate to mail me. It is a
pity that a so good soundcard can't be used anymore… And as I said, feel
then free to do what you want with it.


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