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Subject: 	i.MX audio support
Date: 	Wed, 26 Feb 2014 09:33:06 +0000
From: 	jwoodward <jwoodward at tensor.co.uk>
To: 	s.hauer at pengutronix.de

Hi Sascha,

I am having trouble implimenting the wm8731 codec with the i.MX21.

I have read your article https://lwn.net/Articles/363406/ which does not 
fill me with confidence on this.

It is at the stage of finding the i2c device, and setting up the 
transmit line for AC97, I am not very experienced with audio and would 
appreciate any advise possible?

Here are a few traces I have added:

[    2.935589] wm8731_i2c_probe: i2c_set_clientdata
[    2.989318] imx_ssi_init
[    2.997084] imx_ssi_probe
[    3.007482] imx_ssi_probe
[    3.015846] setup_channel_to_ac97
[    3.029115] imx-fiq-pcm-audio imx-fiq-pcm-audio.1: failed to claim 
fiq: -16
[    3.049930] imx-fiq-pcm-audio: probe of imx-fiq-pcm-audio.1 failed 
with error -16
[    3.075173] ALSA device list:
[    3.084401]   No soundcards found.

Attached is a schematic of our interface.

Many thanks,


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