[alsa-devel] Assert in pcm_params.c

Alan Horstmann gineera at aspect135.co.uk
Mon Feb 17 21:56:22 CET 2014


I am trying to assist in a case that is getting this assert:-

pcm_params.c:2249: snd1_pcm_hw_params_slave: Assertion `err >= 0' failed.

and wondered if anyone could shed some light on what is likely to cause that, 
and whether it indicates an underlying fault?

The system (not mine) runs Linux Mint 13 (kernel 3.2.0) with PulseAudio, and 
we are debugging weird behaviour during Portaudio initialisation.  It is 
struggling to get consistent access to the Alsa devices, often retrying many 

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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