[alsa-devel] Using HDA on an SoC without PCI

Dylan Reid dgreid at chromium.org
Fri Feb 14 18:47:14 CET 2014


I'm working on an system with an HDMI codec on an HDA interface, but
that interface doesn't use PCI.  I want to re-use as much of the code
as possible, but I want to avoid scattering ifdefs all over

Would gathering the pci specific functions from hda_intel.c into an
interface struct of some kind make sense?  If azx was probed from pci,
then a pci interface would be used, if it was a platform driver, then
the correct interface for the platform would be used.  It would add
some overhead to operations such as azx_writel, but that would be
measured to make sure it isn't detrimental to performance.

Any other ideas on how to approach this?



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