[alsa-devel] Echo Fireworks control protocol (was Re: Sample program for hwdep interface)

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at just42.net
Sun Feb 9 12:42:28 CET 2014

On Sat, Feb 08, 2014 at 10:22:40PM +0900, Takashi Sakamoto wrote:
> >I understood from Clemens' comments that ... the mixer applications are
> >supposed to use firewire-cdev for all their other dealings with the audio
> >devices.  (Clemens and Jonathan, correct me if I misunderstood or if I
> >forgot other control and status I/O that is only possible with direct
> >cooperation by the ALSA driver.)
> I don't know his future plan. But according to his advices, my
> current work is to focus on streaming driver. Currently the
> functionality to control device's internal mixer should be
> implemented in user-land application, not in ALSA drivers.

As per an earlier followup, the current intention is indeed to keep the
mixer control in userspace.


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