[alsa-devel] Strange sound of IDT 82hd206xx6 at font port in AC97 mode

Randy Li lxr1234 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 4 14:00:15 CET 2014

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于 2014年02月04日 17:01, Raymond Yau 写道:
>> Check the front audio connector of your motherboard in the user 
>> manual
>> Check the front audio panel specification of your computer
>> chassis whether support Jack detection of headphone and mic
>> Only a few multi channel AC97 2.3 codecs (e.g. ALC850) support 
>> jack detection and most AC97 front audio panel does not have
>> jack detection circuit
>> http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-015851.htm
>>> I can't hear the sound in some part of a film and I can hear
>>> the stranger accent of sound in the other part of a film(or a
>>> music). But all the 7.1 channel in the back ports can output
>>> the sound match my mircophone(all are the same).
>> The front audio panel headphone share the front channel signal
>> only when playing multi channel audio
>> You need  to use applications(e.g  mplayer) which can  down mix 
>> multi channel to stereo or select the stereo track  instead of
>> DTS of movie DVD when you are using headphone
> I find the other thing, this headphone is for android mobile which 
> combine controller, headphone and speaker. If you don't plug it
> into font port fully, it works. I have tested a nornal headphone,
> it works too.
> Maybe it cause by my hardware, it is not alsa's problem.
> Simple mixer control 'Swap Center/LFE',0 Capabilities: pswitch
> pswitch-joined penum Playback channels: Mono Mono: Playback [off]
> Do this switch change the output of center and lfe when you run
> speaker-test -c 6 -t wav -D hw:0,0
I only hear the font left and font right in both side of my
headphone(the one for android)
> seem that your are not using latest alsa driver
The alsa driver? Well, shall I try the latest kernel?

thank you
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