[alsa-devel] mentoring for open sound hardware project?

Hubert Denkmair hubert at denkmair.de
Mon Feb 3 10:43:36 CET 2014

 Hello list,

 I'm currently pushing a project for free audio hardware (basically a 
 digital audio interface / mixer with attached linux system).
 The details are not final yet, but the design involves a FPGA for audio 
 routing and a ARM SoC board for recording, playback etc.
 Plan is to support quite a few channels on the linux side, say 20 in, 
 20 out at 96kHz/24bit.

 Of course, this needs a Alsa driver.

 My question is: Is there a "best way" to do the FPGA<->Linux 
 Using the linux GPMC system for communication is the best thing we came 
 up with until now.

 Are there already drivers doing something alike that we could build 
 Since there is no kernel developer in our team (yet), is someone on 
 this list willing to mentor our driver development?


 Hubert Denkmair

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