[alsa-devel] devicetree based AC97 driver

Alexander Stein alexanders83 at web.de
Wed Apr 30 22:20:41 CEST 2014


some might remember me posting some patches to (old) Atmel AC97 controller driver for device tree support.
It was suggested to switch over to ASoC. I started doing this to get full devicetree support for my at91sam9263 board which has a codec attached to the AC97 lines. Until now I failed because the terminology is confusing me. I also stumbled over the documentation of those machine drivers. Do I really need some board-specific code in order to get all this working? This would make the devicetree approach rather useless.
So what would I need to get this working? I guess a new snd_soc_codec_driver for LM4550B using soc_ac97_ops for accessing the registers. I suppose a new snd_soc_dai_ops for the actual Atmel AC97 controller. Anything else?
Which part creates the sound card in ALSA itself?

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