[alsa-devel] [PATCH] ASoC: fsl: select SND_SOC_IMX_PCM_DMA where needed

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Tue Apr 29 18:56:30 CEST 2014

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 04:30:43PM +0200, Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:

> Yes. The patch should also add a select for SND_SOC_IMX_PCM_FIQ as that is
> used in the same way in the fsl_ssi driver. If anybody is afraid that
> selecting both SND_SOC_IMX_PCM_FIQ and SND_SOC_IMX_PCM_DMA by default adds
> too much overhead you could add boolean sub-options that allow to
> enable/disable support individually.

Yes, the overhead should be negligable since the FIQ code is tiny.
Arnd, please CC maintainers on patches - you've sent this to my
Linaro address again and not added Liam.
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