[alsa-devel] hda-jack-retask on CentOS 6.5

Chris Pemberton cjpembo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 20:54:22 CEST 2014

I could not find an rpm containing "hda-jack-retask" for CentOS 6.5, nor 
could I compile it from source as it requires newer libraries than 
CentOS provides.  I therefore booted into Ubuntu 14.04, ran 
hdajackretask, and saved the pin reassignments that fix my particular 

 From Ubuntu 14.14 /lib/firmware/hda-jack-retask.fw

0x111d76e0 0x103c190d 0

0x0a 0x03a11020
0x0b 0x0321101f
0x0c 0x40f000f0
0x0d 0x90170152
0x0e 0x40f000f0
0x0f 0x40f000f0
0x10 0x90170151
0x11 0xd5a30130
0x1f 0x40f000f0
0x20 0x40f000f0

I created the following /etc/modprobe.d/hda-jack-retask.conf in CentOS 6.5:

options snd-hda-intel 

Now when CentOS tries to load the snd-hda-intel module, I get the 
following error:

snd_hda_intel: Unknown parameter `patch'

Is there another method I can use to set the pins?  This is the only way 
I've managed to get "Beats Audio" working on my HP Envy k025dx.



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