[alsa-devel] Tenor TE8802, USB : clics and crackles during music play

mick mick37 at gmx.de
Mon Apr 14 12:44:40 CEST 2014


I figured out what the problem is.
When I said the quirk code gets called I made a mistake. It did not.
What happens is this:
You are setting udh01_fb_quirk in the sync endpoint but at the line where
you query it you are asking the data endpoint. So the patch of the patch  

-	if (unlikely(ep->udh01_fb_quirk)) {
+	if (unlikely(sender->udh01_fb_quirk)) {

With this change everything works fine with my TEAC A-H01.
The crackle is gone and grep for the momentary frequency shows no jumps  


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