[alsa-devel] Tenor TE8802, USB : clics and crackles during music play

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Tue Apr 8 12:29:47 CEST 2014

mick wrote:
> are you asking me personally to test or is this a general call for the
> group?

Both.  I cannot apply this patch before it is tested by somebody.

> If you need me to test, what version of kernel sources do I patch?

Any more-or-less recent version should work.

> Your patch looks quite different from the solution I pointed out. Why?

That patch did some inefficient and superfluous things, and anonymous
patches cannot go into the kernel.

> In particular the assertion:
>> +         * The TEAC UD-H01 firmware sometimes changes the feedback value
>> +         * by +/- 0x1.0000.
> is quite different from the assertion
> "the 3rd byte of the feadback value is getting corrupted and probably
> changing when it should not "

These two assertions describe the same change.

> Also, you made it quite explicit for the TEAC UD-H01 but I think it
> should be more general. I have the Teac A-H01 and it also has the
> problem. As far as I gather from the various discussions on the Web it
> probably is a general Tenor 8802 issue.

I was not aware of these other devices.  What are the vendor/device IDs
of the A-H01?


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