[alsa-devel] SoundBlaster X-fi HD SPDIF fix

Richard Körber alsa at ml.shredzone.de
Sun Apr 6 23:36:31 CEST 2014


I own a Creative USB SoundBlaster X-fi HD and tried to use its SPDIF optical
output. However it didn't work with ALSA out of the box. The reason is that
for SPDIF output device #1 must be used.

The fix is: In /usr/share/alsa/cards/USB-Audio.conf, change the iec958_device
block like this:

USB-Audio.pcm.iec958_device {
        "USB Sound Blaster HD" 1

Digital output works fine for me after that.

BTW, I tried this line in /etc/asound.conf

  cards.USB-Audio.pcm.iec958_device."USB Sound Blaster HD" 1

but it didn't have any effect. Why was that?

Thank you!

Richard Körber

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