[alsa-devel] Lynx HiLo USB DAC issues

Daniel Mack zonque at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 18:41:46 CEST 2013

Hi Radoslaw,

On 12.09.2013 02:43, Radoslaw Szkodzinski wrote:
> Never mind, I see the issue now. (It is late here.)
> The CLOCK_SELECTOR is read-only according to lsusb output.
> Apparently uac_clock_selector_get_val fails to work, returning invalid
> pin number.
> That should not happen, but it shouldn't be called either in this
> case, as the selector is irrelevant.

Sorry, I don't follow. Given that you successfully dug into the driver
sources already, can you share a patch that makes things work for you?

The problem with the clocking framework in UAC2 is that it's quite
powerful (there are multipliers, dividers, switches etc), but I haven't
yet seen a system that actually makes uses it in more complex
applications. Hence it's not exactly easy to come up with a generic
approach of how to handle all the possible cases correctly, and how to
react on clock validity loss for instance.

Help from someone who has access to a more complex device is hence more
than welcome :)


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