[alsa-devel] Request for information

Michael Jordan jordan.mymail at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 04:18:36 CEST 2013


I am developing a driver for the PCM3168A. We have created an expansion
board with the codec, op-amp buffers, etc. which is designed to connect
to the audio expansion connector on an OMAPL138 EXPKIT from LogicPD. I
have the rough draft of the pcm3168a.c and pcm3168a.h. Looking through
the code, I see that the DA850 is "hard-wired" in the code to expect
the TLV320AIC3106, which is the on-board codec on the kit.

My question is, would it be proper for me to create entries in
davinci-evm.c, mach-types.h, etc. in order to provide a way to register
this new driver? Or is there a different way I should proceed?

I'll be modifying my code base for testing purposes, but when it comes
time for submission, I would like to know the proper way to handle this.

Thank you,


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