[alsa-devel] Audio Miniconference 2013 schedule - Edinburgh 21st October

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Thu Oct 3 20:17:54 CEST 2013

The audio mini-summit in Edinburgh is now less than a month away so it
seems like a good time to start pulling together a schedule.  Looking at
the topics people mentioned when filling out the registration form there
were three major topics that people wanted to cover:

 - Compressed audio review: tinycompress, integration into userspace,
   driver upstreaming.

 - UCM and other use case management status & review.

 - Effects offload to DSPs with dynamically instantiatable algorithms,
   and general dynamic DSP firmware handling.

Plus a few things that only one or two people brought up:

 - Process stuff (the list, bug tracking and so on).

 - Some relatively specific hardware support topics:
  - HDMI hotplug handling throughout the stack
  - Mic status LED handling throughout the stack.

 - Code cleanups:
  - Moving away from the custom ALSA device registration infrastructure.
  - General code modernisation.

 - General routing control in userspace - UIs, automation.

The first question is if there is anything important that is missing
from the above list - please speak up soon if there is!  It'd also be
good to have volunteers to lead the discussions in each area.

In terms of format I'd propose that we go through the list above in
roughly that order, having someone lead discussion on the topic.  Does
this sound good to people?

As previously mentioned it'd be good if anyone planning to attend could
fill in the form at:


to help with planning & coordination.
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