[alsa-devel] [RFC][PATCH 00/17] Enhancement for firewire-lib

Takashi Sakamoto o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
Sat Nov 23 07:07:47 CET 2013

This series of patch extend functionalities of current firewire-lib:
 - support for both in/out AMDTP stream
 - support for duplex stream synchronization (blocking mode only)
 - support for both MIDI/PCM stream
 - support for both in/out CMP
 - support for some AV/C general commands

Additionally, at the last of this series, some quirks for Fireworks are added.

I'm happy to receive your comments, especially for sort processing.

Takashi Sakamoto (17):
  firewire-lib: Rename functions, structure, member for both direction
  firewire-lib: Add macros instead of fixed value for AMDTP
  firewire-lib: Add 'direction' member to 'amdtp_stream' structure
  firewire-lib: Split some codes into functions to reuse in future
  firewire-lib: Add support for AMDTP transmit stream and PCM capture
  firewire-lib: Add support for MIDI capture/playback
  firewire-lib: give syt value to handle_out_packet()
  firewire-lib: Add support for duplex streams with synchronization
  firewire-lib: Add sort function for transmitted packet
  firewire-lib: Add transfer delay to synchronized duplex streams
  firewire-lib: Add support for channel mapping
  firewire-lib: Rename macros, variables and functions for CMP
  firewire-lib: Add 'direction' member to 'cmp_connection' structure
  firewire-lib: Add handling output connection by CMP
  firewire-lib: Add a new function to check others' connection
  firewire-lib: Add some AV/C general commands
  firewire-lib: Add quirks for Fireworks chipset

 sound/firewire/amdtp.c    | 1014 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 sound/firewire/amdtp.h    |  161 +++++--
 sound/firewire/cmp.c      |  217 +++++++---
 sound/firewire/cmp.h      |   14 +-
 sound/firewire/dice.c     |   46 +-
 sound/firewire/fcp.c      |  149 +++++++
 sound/firewire/fcp.h      |   16 +
 sound/firewire/speakers.c |   94 ++---
 8 files changed, 1319 insertions(+), 392 deletions(-)


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