[alsa-devel] Bug? Sound support for at91sam9x5-wm8731 based boards

Zhong Li zql at glomationinc.com
Tue Nov 19 19:09:26 CET 2013

> Can you give a little more background ? :
> - What kernel ?
> - Command line to reproduce ?
> Richard.

One of the testing hardware is the Atmel at91sam9g25-ek (the CPU module and the carrier board).  We tried both the 2.6.39 patched with the Atmel patches and the mainline 3.12-rc.  The command to test the sound is just the simple aplay <sound-test-file>.  The wav file is available here, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3TSFX4Mq9PoeTdJOGVaZk5rTWM/edit?usp=sharing.


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