[alsa-devel] SPI PCM capture device examples please

Matt Flax flatmax at flatmax.org
Wed Nov 13 13:07:07 CET 2013

Hi there,

Is it possible to write an ALSA driver for a device which already has an 
SPI driver ?

I have been trying to look for examples in the ALSA kernel source tree, 
however all the drivers I have looked at use SPI to control the codecs 
.... there must be an example where the codec uses SPI for PCM data ?

If someone is aware of any codecs which use SPI for PCM data can you 
please link me to the example driver code ?

The device I am interested in operates in slave SPI mode and only has 
ADCs, so it only has one input SPI line (and other necessary lines, such 
as clk). Its data sample rates are up to 1 M Hz.

Here is a link to the SPI driver in question :


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