[alsa-devel] [PATCH 13/31] ASoC: wm_adsp: Fix BUG_ON() and WARN_ON() usages

Charles Keepax ckeepax at opensource.wolfsonmicro.com
Thu Nov 7 11:19:39 CET 2013

On Wed, Nov 06, 2013 at 09:23:42PM +0100, Takashi Iwai wrote:
> At Wed, 6 Nov 2013 18:44:22 +0000,
> Charles Keepax wrote:
> > These do make me a little nervous previously we would panic here,
> > so everything would stop but now we may write random registers on
> > the CODEC which could cause some odd behaviour. I think it would
> > be better to update wm_adsp_region_to_reg to allow a failed
> > return code and then error out of wm_adsp_load rather than just
> > relying on the WARN_ON inside.
> Yeah, handling the error properly would be definitely better.
> Care to enhance the patch?

Yeah fair enough, lets merge the patch as is and I will send out a
seperate patch once I get a few spare minutes to improve the
error handling in this bit of code.

Reviewed-by: Charles Keepax <ckeepax at opensource.wolfsonmicro.com>


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