[alsa-devel] [ALSA UCM] Help me obtain complete document of alsa ucm

Xavier Hsu xavier.hsu at linaro.org
Thu Nov 7 09:55:08 CET 2013

When I develop ALSA UCM for my target platform.
I've stocked by lack syntax description.

I already know how to use some syntax of alsa ucm like "EnableSequence" and
"DisableSequence" in "SectionVerb".
So I can use alsa commands like

*alsaucm -c EVB set _verb HiFi set _enadev Headphones*

*alsaucm -c EVB set _verb HiFi set _disdev Headphones*
to enable or disable our Headphones devices.

In addition to, I add some setting like
*ATTRS{id}=="EVBsnd", RUN+="/usr/bin/alsaucm -c MB8AC0300 set _verb HiFi"*
*ATTRS{id}=="EVBsnd", RUN+="/usr/bin/alsaucm -c MB8AC0300 set _verb Record"*
in 90-alsa-ucm.rules file.

But I don't know how to correctly use some syntax (such as
"ConflictingDevice", "TransitionSequence", "Value" and so on) of alsa ucm.
I refer to Use Case Manager in ALSA document.
Unfortunately, it cannot resolve my questions.

Do you have more detail information about ALSA UCM syntax usage
documentation or example?
Thank you very much.

-Xavier Hsu-

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