[alsa-devel] How to apply rate conversion in asound.conf

Dolevo Jay cmst at live.com
Wed Nov 6 16:02:33 CET 2013

Hi experts,

I am currently using the following asound.conf, which is pretty much
copy-paste from the link below.

pcm.!default {
	type plug
	slave.pcm multi

pcm.multi {
        type multi;
        slaves.a.pcm "hw:0,1";
        slaves.a.channels 2;
        slaves.b.pcm "hw:1,1";
        slaves.b.channels 2;

        bindings.0.slave a;
        bindings.0.channel 0;
        bindings.1.slave a;
        bindings.1.channel 1;
        bindings.2.slave b;
        bindings.2.channel 0;
        bindings.3.slave b;
        bindings.3.channel 1;


My purpose is to apply rate conversion to the "hw:1,1" and have 44100 rate
out. There is a sample conversion like: 

pcm.rate_convert {
	type rate
	slave sl2

but how can I attach this rate_convert code to the multi code?


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