[alsa-devel] Improving or replacing snd_printk()

Alan Stern stern at rowland.harvard.edu
Thu May 30 21:43:30 CEST 2013

On Thu, 30 May 2013, Jaroslav Kysela wrote:

> Date 30.5.2013 20:14, Alan Stern wrote:
> > On Wed, 29 May 2013, Joe Perches wrote:
> > 
> >> On Wed, 2013-05-29 at 15:27 -0400, Alan Stern wrote:
> >>> Has there been any thought of improving snd_printk(), or even better,
> >>> changing the call sites to use the dev_*() routines instead?
> >>
> >> Perhaps better would be to add and use some combination of
> >> type specific logging message functions/macros like:
> >>
> >> void snd_<level>(const struct snd_device *dev, const char *fmt, ...)
> >> void snd_card_<level>(const struct snd_card *card, const char *fmt, ...)
> >> void snd_ac97_<level>(const struct snd_ac97 *ac97, const char *fmt, ...)
> >>
> >> allowing NULL as the type pointer when necessary/appropriate.
> > 
> > Almost anything would be better than the current situation.  The only 
> > enhancement provided by CONFIG_SND_VERBOSE_PRINTK is to print the 
> > filename and line number, which is relatively unhelpful (unless there 
> > are multiple copies of the same message in several places).
> I don't think that it's useless to see the origin of the source message
> from the first glance. It may be improved, of course, but adding more
> and more functions with minor benefits is another step to another hell.

Maybe so.  However, including the device and driver names in the log 
messages is a major benefit, not a minor one.

I'd be happy to have just a snd_<level> family of functions, with 
snd_printk and snd_printd deprecated.  Does anybody object?

Alan Stern

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