[alsa-devel] [PATCH v2] ASoC: dfbmcs320: make the driver common for other BT modules

Barry Song 21cnbao at gmail.com
Sat May 18 13:34:25 CEST 2013

2013/5/18 Lars-Peter Clausen <lars at metafoo.de>:
> On 05/18/2013 01:25 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
>> On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 07:03:24PM +0800, Barry Song wrote:
>>> 2013/5/17 Mark Brown <broonie at kernel.org>:
>>>> Otherwise this looks OK for ASoC though I'd expect to see a change to
>>>> registration of the OpenMoko BT device (perhaps I missed it though).
>>> sorry. i don't understand. i would think OpenMOKO can also use this driver?
>> If you change the names the driver uses to bind you need to also update
>> the users so that they use the new name.
> Since there's the platform_device_id table now this should not be necessary.

i guess Mark meaned i missed to change "select SND_SOC_DFBMCS320"?

config SND_SOC_SAMSUNG_NEO1973_WM8753
        tristate "Audio support for Openmoko Neo1973 Smartphones (GTA02)"
        depends on SND_SOC_SAMSUNG && MACH_NEO1973_GTA02
        select SND_S3C24XX_I2S
        select SND_SOC_WM8753
        select SND_SOC_DFBMCS320
          Say Y here to enable audio support for the Openmoko Neo1973


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