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Jordi Mallach jordi at debian.org
Wed May 15 01:04:02 CEST 2013

Hi Jaroslav,

El dl 13 de 05 de 2013 a les 09:12 +0200, en/na Jaroslav Kysela va
> > http://patch-tracker.debian.org/patch/series/view/alsa-utils/1.0.27-2/alsa-restore_service_improvements.patch
> > 
> >   This one I want to discuss. We think the After condition is wrong, as
> > it's depending on an optional service (alsa-state might not happen if
> > the config file is not present). Instead, it should be checking for
> > sysinit, to ensure local-fs.
> The condition is not wrong and it is expected that both services
> alsa-state/alsa-restore will be in the system, even if one is disabled
> via the ConditionPathExists . The systemd just skips services with false
> conditions, but the dependency is retained.
> The main reason to serialize these two services via dependency is to
> have only one service for the sound state restore (alsa-restore) for
> other systemd units. Fedora uses this in canberra-system-bootup.service
> for an example. Perhaps this dependency may be solved using a new
> target, but it seems more complicated than use 2 services at the moment
> for me.

Thanks for the comment. We've realised our assumption was wrong and I
have taken this patch down.

> >  -
> > http://patch-tracker.debian.org/patch/series/view/alsa-tools/1.0.27-2/envy24control_config_dir.patch
> >    This one is to be discussed. envy24control currently creates a
> > visible directory in $HOME, which is quite unacceptable. This patch just
> > moves the directory to a dotdir, but an upgrade path might need to be
> > coded. I would just move the thing away.
> As Mark suggested, the envy24control should look for the old config
> files, too.

I probably won't have time to do this, though.

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