[alsa-devel] [Alsa-user] Master volume control

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Thu Mar 14 21:08:47 CET 2013

Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
>> I'd guess that some driver uses a busy loop for writing the codec
>> registers.
>> Which drivers are you using for your sound hardware?
> It's Intel HD Audio.

That driver works fine.

> But the point is that three other processes light up when I move the slider.
> I think they're all monitoring the master volume changes, and not actually
> involved in doing the volume change.

I guess your CPU doesn't have too many cores ...

> What I'm wondering about these processes (pulseaudio, threaded-ml,
> indicator-sound)

PulseAudio has its own virtual volume sliders on top of the hardware
controls.  indicator-sound appears to be an OSD of your desktop
environment.  I don't know what threaded-ml is (maybe part of Chrome?).

> I would expect lots of CPU usage if I had alsamixer open at the time,
> because it monitors these changes, and updates its display.

Well, how much increas in CPU usage do you get wth alsamixer?

> * If I create my own minimal embedded distro (I'm trying to use the Yocto
> project for that), will they simply not be there

If you don't included the relevant packages.


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