[alsa-devel] [PATCH v3] ALSA: usb: Work around CM6631 sample rate change bug

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Tue Mar 12 08:55:55 CET 2013

Torstein Hegge wrote:
> There are still some issues with the Schiit Bifrost as described by
> Chris Hermansen in "Status of CM6631 USB" on alsa-user [1]. While the
> workaround fixes the sample rate change issue in some cases, he still
> sometimes get mangled audio on sample rate change.
> Any ideas on what could be causing this difference between seemingly
> similar hardware would be appreciated.

Different firmware.

> One difference is that 'lsusb -v' from the Schiit Bifrost [2] lists
> interface 2-5, 7 and 8. My Corda [3] and the Asus card only lists
> 0, Audio, Control Device
> 1, Audio, Streaming
> 2, Human Interface Device (this is number 6 in the Schiit)
> The extra interfaces listed by the Schiit is probably not backed by any
> hardware in the CM6631.

Does the Schiit have all those Line/Mic/SPDIF/MIDI ports?


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