[alsa-devel] [PATCH v8 00/11] ASoC: fsl-ssi: ac97-slave support

Timur Tabi timur at tabi.org
Mon Jun 17 06:05:53 CEST 2013

Markus Pargmann wrote:
> Hi,
> This series adds DT support for phycore-ac97. Beside ac97 support, the series
> adds imx-pcm-fiq and generic DMA bindings to fsl-ssi.
> In version 8 I fixed the build issues by seperating the DT capable ac97 phycore
> driver from the old driver.

FYI, I get some warnings applying this patchset:

Applying: ASoC: Add phycore-ac97-dt driver
/home/b04825/git/linux.alsa2/.git/rebase-apply/patch:375: new blank line 
at EOF.
warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.
Applying: ASoC: fsl: Kconfig: Use fsl-ssi for phycore-ac97
Applying: ASoC: fsl: Move fsl-ssi binding doc to sound/
Applying: ASoC: fsl: Update fsl-ssi binding doc
/home/b04825/git/linux.alsa2/.git/rebase-apply/patch:33: space before tab 
in indent.
   		    Only necessary for some boards with incompatible
warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.

Timur Tabi

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