[alsa-devel] [PATCH v8 10/11] ASoC: fsl: Move fsl-ssi binding doc to sound/

Markus Pargmann mpa at pengutronix.de
Sun Jun 16 15:25:16 CEST 2013

fsl-ssi was located in powerpc/fsl/ssi.txt. This is no powerpc specific
device, so it should be moved to sound/ as it connects to differen audio

Signed-off-by: Markus Pargmann <mpa at pengutronix.de>
 .../devicetree/bindings/{powerpc/fsl/ssi.txt => sound/fsl,ssi.txt}        | 0
 1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 rename Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{powerpc/fsl/ssi.txt => sound/fsl,ssi.txt} (100%)

diff --git a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/powerpc/fsl/ssi.txt b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/fsl,ssi.txt
similarity index 100%
rename from Documentation/devicetree/bindings/powerpc/fsl/ssi.txt
rename to Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/fsl,ssi.txt

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