[alsa-devel] [RFC][PATCH 0/4] firewire-lib: add payload callback function for each driver

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Thu Jul 18 19:38:08 CEST 2013

Takashi Sakamoto wrote:
> Currently snd-firewire-lib handles the contents of data block for AMDTP packet
> in itself.
> But to implement drivers for Fireworks(Echo Audio)/BeBoB(BridgeCo), there is an
> inconvinience. Fireworks don't use AM824 label for PCM data.

But Fireworks accepts AM824 labels, and recognizing 0x00 labels is no

> BeBoB needs to remap PCM and MIDI channels depending on devices.
> And Dice(TC Applied Technologies) - I think you understand this than me - needs
> the mode called as "dual wire".
> Your snd-firewire-lib in alsa-kprivate.git repository manages to solve these
> issue.

Right now I'm working on merging the playback-only snd-dice driver
(without the M-Audio code, which doesn't work) into the kernel,
restricted to Weiss devices (they asked for this).

(Setting the pcm_quadlets/midi_quadlets arrays for dual-wire mode is to
be moved into snd-dice.)

> But it has restriction about the PCM format (S32 only)

I removed S16 because I did not want to duplicate most of the sample
writing code, and format conversion should be done in userspace.  This
would be a regression for users of the snd-firewire-speakers driver
(both of them), so I'm not sure if I should keep this.

Do you have a specific reason for wanting S16 support?

> and for me it seems to be hard to maintain.

Why?  Because many device quirks must be handled in amdtp.c?

Having separate write_samples() implementations would duplicate most of
the code in those loops, which I do not think would be better for
maintenance purposes.

> Additionally to implement full duplex with synchronization, I need to restart
> streams for MIDI. Then current amdtp_out_stream_set_pcm_format() is not
> convinient. I want to add condition for PCM format into each drivers.

I don't understand; how is this related with the payload processing?

> Furthermore, 003Rack(Digidesign) - I don't work for this - has more issue. The
> differences related to payload are:
>  - the value of syt field in AMDTP packet is always zero

This does not affect the driver.

>  - The data in each channel is encoded by its own way
> The driver needs to refer to and modify the contents of payload.

I'm not sure if a separate write_samples() function is appropriate for
this; couldn't this be handled by an additional function that is called
before or afterwards?

> To solve these device-dependent issues, I want to move the processing
> of contents in payload from firewire-lib to each devices. This series of
> patches is for this purpose.

Despite my criticisms above,  if you think that these patches are
necessary for your driver(s), I'm not against merging them.

> sakamocchi (4):
>   firewire-lib: add helper function to set data block size
>   firewire-lib: add callback function for payload
>   firewire-lib: remove unused members and functions
>   firewire-speakers: add functions to handle payload

These patches are not self-contained, i.e., the driver does not work if
only some of them are applied (this happens, e.g., when bisecting).


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