[alsa-devel] M-Audio Audiophile 192 (ice1724)'s broken spdif capture

Jonas Petersen jnsptrsn1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 23:37:03 CET 2013

In revo.c I found this:

/* AK4114 support on Audiophile 192 */
/* CDTO (pin 32) -- GPIO2 pin 52
 * CDTI (pin 33) -- GPIO3 pin 53 (shared with AK4358)
 * CCLK (pin 34) -- GPIO1 pin 51 (shared with AK4358)
 * CSN  (pin 35) -- GPIO7 pin 59
#define AK4114_ADDR 0x02

I verified these mappings and can confirm that they're correct.

I found one more connection:

INT0 (pin36) -- GPIO6 pin 58

So the complete (?) list with complete pin names on the AK4114 would be:

ICE1724 -> AK4114


I can not rule out that there are more connections! If you think there
should be more connections I'll do some more tracing.
It is a bit tedious <http://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/tedious.html> because
not all connections can be traced visually. I did that with a multimeter.

If anybody needs datasheets for the VT1724 or AK4114, I have them available.

What would be next? Right now I have no idea how to verify that in the
existing code.

- Jonas

2013/1/26 Pavel Hofman <pavel.hofman at ivitera.com>

> http://www.nix.ru/autocatalog/m_audio_midiman_sound/34397_2245_draft.jpg
> reveals it is AK4114, just like in ESI Juli. Its default serial data
> protocol  is not 24bit I2S, the format expected by ICE1724.
> It should be feasible to trace the GPIOs from ICE1724 to AK4114 and add
> the config code.
> Regards,
> Pavel.

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