[alsa-devel] HD-audio regression after commit 34588709af61be1550b4e2bcee5c85d0ac4f34d4

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 05:01:39 CET 2013

>> >
>> > Testing latest updates in sound-unstable:
>> >
>> > commit f741c8a1f649379f8f3eb81119df2676c46075cf
>> > Merge: d821c1e 164a7ad
>> > Author: Takashi Iwai <tiwai at suse.de>
>> > Date:   Fri Jan 18 18:30:00 2013 +0100
>> >
>> > Playback and capture appear to work correctly with one possible
>> >
>> > Item labeled "Front" controls the level of sound through the speakers.
>> > would expect that it would only control sound from front HP. This
>> > whether Independent HP is on and off.
>> When you look at other controls, there are "Surround", "Center", and
>> "LFE", and these are mixer controls for other two line-out jacks.
>> In that sense, "Front" is corresponding to the same group, the line
>> out jack.
>> You have an individual "Headphone" output.  Isn't it obvious?
> Not always, most labels are one word long and can be open to different
interpretations. In alsamixer, ordering of capture controls is the
> Master  Headphon   PCM     Front   Front Mi  Surround  Center    LFE
Side  Line Boo  S/PDIF  S/PDIF D Auto-Mut Independ <Rear Mic>
> and thus "Front" is next to "Front Mi" - that should connect at the front
I assume - rather then to other outputs at the back. Thus it is very easy
to get confused.
> Here are outputs as specified in my MB manual and my attempt to pair them
to items in alsamixer (Capture only):
> MB description                                   Alsa control (capture)
> Line In                                                  Line Boost (its
boost only, I know)
> Front Speaker Out                             Front
> Mic In                                                   Rear Mic Boost
> Center/Subwoofer                             Center
> Rear Speaker Out                             ???
> Side Speaker Out                              Side
> Headphone Out                                Headphone
> Front Mic In                                        Front Mic Boost
> There are two items that have not been assigned - Surround and LFE,
presumably one of them should correspond to the "Rear Speaker Out" for
which I could not identify ALSA control. Not being familiar with more than
2-channle audio, I do not know how to assign these.


speaker-test -D hw:0 -c 8 -t wav



Your can also use early patching or hda-jack-retask

1)the three stacks model by change the pin default of the black, orange and
grey jacks as [N/A] to test the channel mode switch

2) retasking front Mic Jack as another front headphone jack or vice versa

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