[alsa-devel] Trouble about Roland UA-55 and snd-usb-audio module

Smeefer Carbone camversion at jinbo.net
Wed Jan 9 12:58:54 CET 2013

Hello, I just got the UA-55 in the mail today. I'm not sure what I need to do in
order to begin working on making it work in my AV Linux 6.0 debian squeeze.

I'm a musician, but I don't know any programming languages (yet). I live with a
friend who knows java and c++. He said he might be able to assist in a project
to get drivers working for these usb 2.0 roland soundcards.

I will do whatever it takes to get the UA-55 operating at 24bit 96khz (or even
better 192khz), recording and playback duplex on my operating system (which will
be such a nice upgrade from the UA-25 EX). Please let me know how I can help and
what I can try on my system to get this device working. Thank you!

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